Artvin Altıparmak (Barhal) River

The River Altiparmak (Barhal), located in the province of Artvin, emerges from the southern side of the Kackar Mountains and runs about 40 km to join the Coruh river 2 km south of Yusufeli.

The Altiparmak flows through a strikingly beautiful valley enveloped by high mountains.Recommended for canoeing and rafting, the river has a rich selection of flora and fauna, and a high flow-rate round year because of the run-off of melting snow.

The basin of the Altiparmak can be reached by Yusufeli via Artvin or Erzurum. Ogdem Creek joins the Altiparmak 6 km from Yusufeli, and the town of Sarigol is 19 km from Yusufeli and accessible by a stabilised gravel road.

The area of Deftise, situated about 1.5 km beyond Sarigol, is distinguished by wooden two-story houses built in traditional Black Sea style. Edged by dense green forests, these picturesque houses and the misty summit of the Kackar Mountains create a very beautiful panorama. The village of Altiparmak (Barhal) is accessible from Sarigol via a narrow, 12km long road, and the people here are very hospitable and friendly, with accommodation available in simple guest-houses. This village serves as one of the main campsites on the climb up Kackar Mountain. A stabilised road leads to Yaylalar, 24 km beyond Altiparmak, and west is the Artvin Kackar Tourism Centre.


The pretty hamlet of Deftise, north of Sarigol, provides the best starting point for canoe and raft expeditions down the Altiparmak, which runs approximately 22 km from this point to the junction with the Coruh, with class 3-4 waters. The riverbed is rocky, and special care needs to be taken when the river flow rate is low.

Three km from Sarigol, the ruins of citadel of Bahceli lie to the right of the creek before reaching Yusufeli, after crossing the concrete bridge near the junction of Ogdem creek and the Altiparmak. The run may be completed either at Yusufeli or 2 km ahead, before the Altiparmak flows into the River Coruh River.
The best months to plan a canoe or raft trip on the Altiparmak is between May and August.