Important Subjects

International Difficulty Class

The following list of classes categorises the level of skill required to raft or canoe:

* Class 1: Small easy passes

* Class 2: Easy passes, regular flow, small rocks and waves

* Class 3: Hard, regular large waves, limited visual range, small falls, must be studied

* Class 4: Very Hard, large waves , Waters with counter-currents, long and unpredictable passes, dangerous rocks, big falls, must be studied.

* Class 5: Extremely hard, high flow and current, dangerous rocks, steep slopes, continuous falls, limited passes in advance, generally impossible.

* Class 6: impassable.


To participate in watersports at which professional supervision is necessary, trips must be organised through the an approved agency.


Participants must wear shoes and life jackets while rafting, and it is recommended to wear headgear and goggles.