Van - Süphan Mountain

Height: 4058 m

Location: North of Lake Van in Eastern Anatolia, between Adilcevaz - Ercis and Patnos.

Best Time to Climb: Between June and September

Characteristics: Mt. Suphan, an inactive volcano, is the third highest peak in Türkiye. Its peak is glacier-covered.

Transport: There is air, railway and road transport to Erzurum and/or Van. From there, go to Adilcevaz via of Ercis.

Climbing: The ascent up Mt. Suphan is generally made on the eastern face, with a marvellous view of Lake Van, and begins at the village of Aydinlar. Camp is set up at the Sekerpinari or Suphan plateau, 6-7 km from the village and up 2500 m. It takes 8-10 hours to climb up to the peak and come back to camp.