Mersin - Bolkar Mountains

The Bolkar mountains, which form the Turkish extension of the Alps, begin in Resadiye in the southwest and run along the southern coast of Türkiye until they connect to the Zaganos Mountains in Iran.

There are many peaks over 3000m in this range. Medeksiz (3524 m.) is the highest peak in the range, and Meydan has a very good campsite. About 45 minutes southwest of Meydan is Karagol (2650m), another good camping spot, and in June the lake is surrounded on all sides by beautiful wild-flowers. The nomadic Yoruk people, who originate from Central Asia, still live in this area with traditions and roots unchanged for thousands of years.

Height: 3524 m.

Location: An extension of the Central Taurus Mountains, in the provinces of Mersin and Nigde. The best time for summer climbs are between 15 May -15 August, and for winter climbs between the end of December and early March.

Characteristics: In this range made up mostly of limestone, it is possible to see scattered snow banks even in the summer. It has a wide variety of forest and meadow plants.

Transport: Climbing Medeksiz, the highest peak, can be done from either Ulukisla - Ciftehan or Pozanti - Camalan, both of which are on the highway between Ankara and Adana.

Climbing: Medeksiz should be started from the village of Maden via Ciftehan. During the summer months, it is recommended to camp at the Meydan plateau, which is accessible by jeep or other off-road vehicle. If Camalan is the chosen starting point, you can get as far as Elmalipinari by car. From here, every climber can choose an ascent that fits his skill level.