Antalya - Beydağları ( Mediterranean )

The Beydaglar Mountains, in the western extension of the Taurus Mountains, lie to the west of the Bay of Antalya and run parallel a north-south direction. The most important peaks are Teke, Mt. Bakirdagi, Mt. Tahtali Dag and Kizlar Sivrisi. The tallest of these is Kizlar Sivrisi, 3069ms.

This mountain, which enjoys 300 days of sunshine a year, can be climbed within one day and the view of the sea and Antalya is well worth the effort. The sunrise form the peak, for those willing to sacrifice some sleep, is dazzling.

Parachuting is possible here with a good wind, and has stunning views. Besides an important climbing and hiking centre, Beydaglar Mountains also offer superb winter sports.

Height: 3069 m.

Location: These mountains make up the western portion of the Taurus Mountains, located in the province of Antalya. They run north-south, parallel to the Mediterranean coast. Climbing and hiking are possible year-round, with the best months between April and June.

Characteristics: These mostly limestone mountains exhibit a wide range of flora, and there are quite a number of peaks in this range.

The best starting point for climbers is Antalya, Kemer and Elmali, and there is a good choice of transport by road, air and sea from Istanbul and Izmir, and air or road from Ankara.

Climbing: The highest peak in the region, Kizlar Sivrisi, (3069 m.) can be reached from Elmali. From here, one may go by car to the Camcukuru highlands, which are covered with cedar forests. Climbers camping at Camcukuru can reach the summit and return to camp in one day. The most interesting hike or climb in the region is Mt. Tahtali (2360 m), which has many different species of plant life up to 2000 meters, and above the tree line is mountain pastures.

To climb Mt. Tahtali, take a car from Kemer to Sogukpinar (Sogucaksu) on the mountain's northern slope, in order to set up camp. The view during the climb is one of ever-changing beauty.