Highland Culture in Türkiye

In Türkiye the highland villages are important and people go there for a variety of reasons.

The nomadic clans living in the southeastern and eastern Anatolia rent the highland pastures to graze their flocks and herds.

Herders living in the Mediterranean, Central Anatolia and Black Sea regions use the highlands as pasture, and as haying areas for collection of winter fodder. In the summer they sometimes go up to these pastures to escape the heat.

People living in the Mediterranean and Aegean regions chose the highlands because it allows them to escape the sweltering summer heat, the mosquitoes and other pests. It is also a wonderful natural retreat to a clean healthy environment.

A new movement has sprung up centered around providing lodging and other basic needs for these highland visitors. The chance to experience the traditional highland culture and its pristine environment has drawn many people and new kind of 'Highland tourism' has enabled many of them to participate in this fascinating way of life.