Osmaniye Highlands

Kadirli - Maksutoğlu Highland

Transportation: In order to get there you need to turn off at the 12 km. mark on the Kadirli - Andırın - Kahraman Maraş highway. And then turn north (left) and follow the gravel road for 33 km. In the summer months, at certain times, you can find minibuses going from Kadirli.

Description: Along the 33 kilometer road, are several mountain villages such as Akarca Highland, Koçlu (Avluk) Village, Paşaoluğu highland, Yoğunoluk (Katıralağı) village, Değirmendere and Tahta villages. At this mountain plateau, which has had some infrastructure improvements, there is electricity and telephone services as well as a few simple country tea houses, markets, butchers, a doctor and some small restaurants offering kebab and other meat dishes.

The plateau, which is frequented by the locals who want to take advantage of the clean cool air up there, is surrounded by a forest of cedar and fir. Both the local highland houses made of wood and the newer reinforced concrete buildings are covered with apple, pear, cherry, sour cherry and juniper trees.
These high mountain plateaus are home to an astounding variety of flowers, insects and birds. Yaşar Kemal's famous novel "İnce Memed" was set in these mountains. If one starts at the highland of Maksutoluğu and passes through the highlands of Çardak - Gürlevik - Turna - Söğütoluğu - Dokurcun -Beyoluğu and Çığşar, they will come to Yedi gözler, the headwaters of Savrun Creek.

Accommodations-Food and Drink: Camping is an option in there as is renting some of the houses that belong to the locals.

Kadirli - Bağdaş and Almacık Highland

Transportation: It is a 57 km. drive from Kadirli on a gravel road. There are minibuses from Kadirli in the summertime.

Description: The 57 km drive is very scenic as it passes through several nearby villages and goes right through the forest, finally arriving at the Bağdaş Highland, which is located between two mountains. The hills are covered with pine, juniper, fir and cedars. There are stone and wood houses constructed in the local highland style. There is electricity, markets and the ever-present tea house.

Accommodations - Food and Drink: You need to bring a tent and other basic necessities.

Kadirli - Beyoluğu - Savrun Gözü - Dokurcun and Çığşar Highlands

Transportation: It is a 65 km drive along a gravel road from the town of Kadirli. In the summer there are minibuses from Kadirli.

Description: These mountain highlands found nestled up in the foothills of the Dibek Mountains, the northeast extension of the Taurus mountains, are an exquisite natural paradise with their juniper, fir and cedar forests, daunting cliffs, and high mountain meadows covered with beautiful wild flowers.

With birds of prey continually soaring above their wild precipices, these mountain highlands were the stomping grounds of the famous writer Yaşar Kemal's 'İnce Memed'.

In the highlands along the banks of Savrun Creek are beautiful orchards: apple, pear, cherry, sour cherry and mulberry. This is a good camp site with lots of water. At the Çığşar highland there are some very nice rocky projections called Deli Öbek and Harman Kaya, which are ideal for the rock climbing enthusiasts.

Accommodations-Food and Drink: Bring a tent and other basic necessities.

Osmaniye - Zorkun and Olukbaşı Highlands

Transportation: These highlands are located on the lower slopes of Mt. Nur in the southeast corner of the district of Osmaniye. It is a 26 km drive on an asphalt road. During the summer there is a municipal bus route between Osmaniye and Zorkun. There are also minibuses and taxis to travel there.

Description: The Olukbaşı highland is sixteen kilometers away from the town. It is an attractive place surrounded with pine trees and all of the local houses are traditional wood houses typical of the mountains. The Zorkun highland, is an expensive area. This pine and juniper plateau has traditional wood houses as well as a number of interesting villas with very original designs. The infrastructure up here in this mountain village has been mostly completed and there is a traveling health clinic and police here in the summer. People from the nearby towns of Osmaniye, Ceylon and Kadirli often escape to this mountain village. There are markets, tea houses, restaurants, meat markets, green grocers and a bakery.

Accommodations-Food and Drink: There are some places to do shopping and buy food and drink. The mountain cabins here are used by the local people.

Hasanbeyli - Alman Pınarı Highland

Transportation: It is a 4 km drive from Hasanbeyli along an asphalt road.

Description: Among the oldest mountain villages in the area, Alman Pınarı is situated among fruit orchards and vineyards.

Accommodation - Food and Drink: There are simple restaurants, a tea house, a bakery and some small markets. Camping and picnicking are allowed.