Ordu Highlands

Perşembe Highland

Transportation: It is 124 km from Ordu. (Ordu - Fatsa 56 km., Fatsa-Aybastı 50 Km., Aybastı - Perşembe Highland18 km.) The road is asphalt. There is regular bus transportation between these towns and one can also get minibuses from Tokat, Reşadiye and Aybastı.

Description: The infrastructure of this highland village (elevation 1350 m.) has been completed. This highland village is an important fairground and the view from nearby Karga Hill is one of rare beauty. There are small markets, a green grocer, a butcher, a tea house, restaurant and a post office here.

Accommodation - Food and Drink: Basic necessities can be obtained in the village. There are bed and breakfast inns at Aybastı that provide lodging.

Keyfalan Highland

Transportation: From Ordu, it is 114 km south to Mesudiye. From Mesudiye the highland of Keyfalan is 20 km. In the summer there is a regular minibus service.

Description: The infrastructure of this highland village is partially in place. There are about 50 houses in the village at 1200 m.
Accommodation - Food and Drink: One may take advantage of the 20-bed lodge provided by the Forestry Service if it is a day trip. Meat and milk products may be purchased from the village residents.

Çambaşı Highland

Transportation: It is located within borders of the municipality of Kabadüz 58 km south of Ordu. The road to Kabadüz is asphalt for the first 21 km, the remaining 37 km. is a dirt road. During the tourist season (June-September), there is a minibus service to the village from Ordu.

Description: At 1250 m., the village’s infrastructure has had some improvements. There is a market, a tea house, a butcher, a restaurant and a mobile health clinic that provides its services to the locals.

Accommodation - Food and Drink: Basic supplies and necessities can be obtained from the local restaurants and markets. There are some bed and breakfast lodgings as well.