Gümüşhane Highlands

Zigana Tourist Center-Zigana Highland

Transportation: After going through the Zigana tunnel 60 km out on the Gümüşhane - Trabzon road, you need to turn east on the gravel road and continue on 3.5 km. From the center of Trabzon to Zigana is 112 km on an asphalt road.

Description: The 2032 m. high Zigana Highland is also a ski center. Its infrastructure is completed.

Zigana is one of the few places in Türkiye where someone can ski in the winter and do 'grass sledding' in the summer. It is a very interesting place caught between the sea climate on one side and the continental on the other.

Accessed by a 3 km path from Zigana Highland, Lake Lima (Saran) is definitely worth seeing. You may reach the lake by way of Kalkanlı with a rented car.

The road is asphalt for 11 km; the remaining 8 km is a dirt road. The village of Kalkanlı has electricity, running water, a post office and there is a small market, butcher, green grocer and teahouse open year-round.

Accommodation - Food and Drink: Because it is used as a ski center, it has every kind of lodging as well as shops to buy food and drink.

Şiran - Tomara Waterfall

Transportation: Fourteen km southwest of Şiran, the Tomara waterfall can be reached by a gravel road. The village of Seydibaba is only 2 km from the waterfall and there is a minibus service to this village.

Description: The waterfall formed by a powerful spring which spills over rocks and falls 8 m. is ice-cold. The pristine surroundings are covered with lush hazelnut, oak and hornbeam trees.

The untouched natural surrounding of Seydibaba Village which is full of orchards and vegetable gardens, makes a perfect campsite. The vitality and simplicity of nature beckons for you to sit and enjoy.

Accommodation - Food and Drink: There are no facilities in the vicinity of the waterfall. You need to bring your own camping gear if you intend to stay. Basic necessities can be purchased locally.

Altıntaşlar (Kalis) Highland

Transportation: In order to reah there you need to take the Gümüşhane - Torul road 15 km south and then turn towards Şiran. You will go through the villages of Hasköy and Gülaçar. The first 40 km is asphalt and the last 12 km a simple dirt road. The village can also be reached by turning west at the 40 km mark on the Gümüşhane - Şiran road and following the rushing waters of Altıntaşlar Creek with its scenic vistas.

Description: There is a small stream running through this village in which some infrastructure improvements have been made. There are numerous trout in the Altıntaşlar Creek and it is said that there used to be a gold mine nearby.
Six kilometers away in Altıntaşlar, there is a small market, butcher, teahouse and a restaurant.

Accommodation - Food and Drink: If you want to stay overnight in this pristine area, you need to bring your camping gear. Basic necessities can be obtained in nearby Altıntaşlar.

Çam Picnic

Transportation: After taking the Gümüşhane- Bayburt road for 2.5 km., turn south and follow the dirt road another 15 km. There is a minibus service to Çam Picnic from Gümüşhane.

Description: There is electricity and water as well as trash collection sites, a fountain, toilets and stone circles for lighting camp fires in the forest. The forest which is made up of mostly fir, spruce, alder and wild hazelnut trees is a popular recreation spot with the locals.

Accommodation - Food and Drink: Bring camping equipment as well as basic food stuffs.