Giresun Highlands

Kümbet Highland

Transportation: It is located 52 km. south of Giresun and part of the town of Dereli. The road to the village is asphalt as far as Dereli (30 km) and a plain dirt road to Kümbet (22 km.). In the summer, there is a minibus service. If nature walks in the area use İkisu as a starting point and go by way of Güdül, the vista is splendid.

Description: With an elevation of 1640 m., the village has a completed infrastructure. There is a post office, health clinic, market, butcher, green grocer, restaurant, bakery, tea house and an auto repair shop.

The Kümbet Highlands, which is made up of Aymaç Hill, Melikli obası, Yavuzkemal and many other smaller highlands, are used heavily as camping and picnic areas. Situated 2 km west of Kümbet, is the magnificent peak of Aymaç. There are highland festivities held here the second Sunday of July every year and the Otçu festival is held the third Saturday of July on Sis Mountain.

There are woven and bound baskets for sale in the Kümbet highlands. One of the unique things about this highland village is that the butcher only sells lamb.

Accommodation - Food and Drink: There is a 10-bed hotel in the village. Basic necessities can be obtained here. One may also camp at the Forest Service facilities found on Salon meadow in the forest one kilometer north of Kümbet.

Hanalanı (Kulakkaya) Highland

Transportation: Access to this village located south of Giresun is via a 38 km dirt road. To reach the highland, use the minibus that goes to the Bektaş highland.

Description: This 1500 m. highland has the distinction of also being a natural botanic park. It is totally virgin forest.

Accommodation - Food and Drink: The houses in the village are used by the locals. Those who would like to camp should bring their own tents and other basic.

Melikli Obası Highland

This village located 40 km south of Giresun and can be reached by taking one of the minibuses from the city.

Description: It has an elevation of 1500 m. The nearby town of Yavuz Kemal has a health clinic and a post office.

Accommodation - Food and Drink: Camping equipment must be brought in but meat, milk, bread and eggs can be purchased in the village.

Bektaş Highland

Transportation: There are minibuses which provide transportation all around the year to this village located 59 km. south of Giresun.

Description: This village, at 2000 m. is on the edge of the tree line. Despot Boulder and Gelin Boulder, both of which can be seen from the road, are extraordinary natural wonders. Kurttepe, one kilometer to the east, is a winter ski area.

The village has electricity, water and a post office, as well as a market, a butcher, a bakery and a tea house.

Accommodation - Food and Drink: There is a two-star hotel with 72 beds. In the Alçakbel forest, there is a picnic area and other facilities, including 3 highland.