Bayburt Highlands

Kop Dağı Tourist Center- Kop Dağı Highland

Transportation: This mountain village is 40 km out on the Bayburt - Aşkale road and can be reached by inter-city buses. It is 84 km from the Erzurum airport.

Description: The 2918 m. Mt. Kop is used by winter sport enthusiasts. Because it serves as a ski center, it has excellent infrastructure. There is a 112-bed guest house which belongs to the Provincial Government. The Kop Martyr Memorial here commemorates the struggle of the local people against the Russians which lasted from March 2, 1916 to July 16, 1916.

Accommodation - Food and Drink: Because it is used as a ski center, it has excellent infrastructure with ample lodging and restaurants. You can also obtain basic supplies from the village of Kop 15 km from Mt. Kop.

Sultan Murat Highland

Bayburt is 54 km northwest of Aydıntepe.

Description: Very popular with the local people, the Sultan Murat highland holds 3 festivals every year: the Sultan Murat Festival (June 23), the Martyrs Festival (August 20) and the Yayla Obası Festival (September 15). It has an excellent infrastructure and in the summer there is a restaurant, teahouse, small market, butcher and a bed and breakfast which serves visitors.

Accommodation - Food and Drink: You can stay in the bed and breakfast and all of your necessities can be obtained from the village.