Artvin Highlands

Yusufeli-Kaçkar Tourist Center- Highland Village

This highland village is located 53 km west of Yusufeli. There is transportation provided by commercial vehicles on the 20 km. gravel road between Yusufeli and Sarıgöl. To make the trip down the 33 km dirt road from Sarıgöl to the village, you will need to rent a car. The campsite at Dilberdüzü can only be reached by a 10 km hike down a narrow path.

Description: Situated at 3200 m. the village has basic services such as a fountain, electricity and a health clinic as well as a small market, teahouse, restaurant, bakery and a butcher.

Yaylalar Village is a central stopping point for climbers going to Kaçkar Mountain. Provisions for the climb and pack animals to carry them may be rented here. The nearest campsite to Mt. Kaçkar is Dilberdüzü (3328 m.). There are no facilities at Dilberdüzü but the water is plentiful and ice-cold. It is dangerous to go beyond Dilberdüzü without a guide. Wildlife that can be seen in the area include lynx, bear, mountain goat, wolf, jackal and fox.

On the way to Yaylalar, in the village of Altıparmak is the Church of Altıparmak (Borhal), which is open to the public. There are also silk rugs woven in the village which can be bought.

Accommodation - Food and Drink: One can stay in Sarıgöl, where there are a number of bed and breakfast places as well as other services such as a post office, toilets and electricity. The village also has a small market, teahouse, bakery, restaurant and a butcher.

Kafkasör Tourist Center (Kafkasör Highland)

Transportation: Access to the village found 10 km southwest of Artvin is via a 10 km dirt road.

Description: The 1250 m. high village is gorgeous place well-worth visiting. Its infrastructure is completed and the municipal government has 10 bungalows with a 80 bed capacity. Every year in the last week of June there is a very festive 3-day bull-fighting competition, which is very popular with the locals. Three healing springs, Cıskaro, Yalnızhasan and Acısu are found in the area.

Accommodation - Food and Drink: If arrangements are made beforehand, it is possible to stay in the bungalows. Basic necessities should be brought in, however, though during the bull-fighting competition there are lots of stands selling food and drink.

Turn east onto a dirt road at the 27 km mark on the Borçka-Camili road, the first 7 km of which are asphalt. The village can be reached by following this road for 20 km.

Description: In the forest around the lake is an abundance of wildlife including lynx, bear, curly horned mountain goats, hazel grouse and birds of prey. There is also trout fishing in the lake. The infrastructure is not complete but there are toilets, picnic tables, a fountain and a Forest Service guest house.

Accommodation - Food and Drink: Bring your camping gear and other basic supplies.

Şavşat- Karagöl

The 8-10 hectare Lake Karagöl is northeast of Şavşat and can be reached via a 30 km dirt road. You will need to have your own car to get there.

Description: There is electricity, a fountain, toilets and a building used by Forest Service personnel. There is an abundance of wildlife in the area.
Accommodation - Food and Drink: Bring your camping gear and other basic supplies.

Ardanuç-Babilan Highland

You can reach this highland by taking a dirt road east from Ardanuç for 51 km.
Description: With no basic services other than a road and water, this mountain village has a bazaar every Saturday. In the bazaar they sell food and other basic supplies as well as animals in an auction. The whole event resembles a country fair.

Accommodation - Food and Drink: Bring your camping gear and other basic supplies. You can buy food stuffs here on Saturday and Sunday.