Cave Researches

The Karst and Cave Research Unit founded under the control of Directorate of the Institute of Mineral Research (M.T.A.) studies the caves having economic potentials and their usage fields at the regional conditions. These studies are supported by Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of National Defense, Ministry of Forests, Ministry of Internal Affairs, General Directorate of Water Affairs, Universities, Governorships, Municipalities and private persons. Some of the cave research studies are carried by local or foreign Clubs and Societies.

In these studies, the caves are examined according to their geological, geomorphologic, hydrological - hydro geological, meteorological and biological properties vein respect to their importance their maps (plans and cross - sections) in 1/100 - 1/2500 scales are drawn in order to determine their usage as an economical aspect. In the further stage, the Protection and Application Project including the architectural, electrical and environmental arrangements of the caves to be prepared for touristic purposes are prepared. Also the studies about the underground rivers, their flow direction, underground and surface river basins, their pollution focuses and methods of protection are executed.