Caves of Zonguldak

Gölgöl Cave


It is situated on the road at Üzülmez district at the 4th km. of Zonguldak way of Zonguldak-Ankara highway. Water coming out of the cave drains into the Üzülmez Creek.

Properties: It is entered out of a huge fossil inlet through the rock blocks. The siphon is reached after 250 meters by walking. Although the siphon has a length of 10 meters, it can be passed especially in summer. After this point, the cave continues as two branches in the direction of water entrance along with the extremely beautiful formations. The cave continuing for 1200 meters and ends with a sediment filling. (The port after this point is not known, yet.)
While the creeks and inner lakes are passed easily by walking, sudden flood occurs during big rains. Because of this danger, it is suitable to enter the cave in summer and autumn seasons.

Kızılelma Cave

The cave, which is situated in Kizil Elma quarter of Ayiçi Village of Gelik District of Zonguldak Province can easily be reached by cars.

Properties: Water of Aydin Creek ve Büyük Ay Creek sinks at the active inlet. The cave is entered through the fossil inlet (30x10m.) located at the upper part, and after 100 meters water is met. The cave continues horizontally together with the water. After the first 100 meters, it is possible to go by creeping for 400 meters, a siphon of 10 meters exists. This siphon can be passed in the Autumn. The gallery in the cave has great dimensions after the siphon.

At the 3200th m. of the cave which continues as a single active gallery basically, there is a chimney with the height of 80 meters which is enough to illuminate the lake at the base. The cave continuing 3 km. along with the lakes ends with the 2nd siphon. The researches related with some branches and the last siphon in the cave has not been concluded, yet. It has been determined via the researches carried out by paint experiments that the sunk water appears in Cumayani Cave after 2 km.

Thus, the total length of the underground system (Kizilelma - Cumayani) reaches to 10kms. Once, it was the longest cave system of Türkiye. However, when it has been discovered that Pinargözü Cave has a length of 12 km. in 1991, this cave has been placed in the 2nd order. Its siphons, areas of crippling, lakes and funnel of 80 meters are the characteristics, or perhaps the most exciting aspects of the cave. As there is a danger of flood in the rainy periods, the season and the weather forecast should be taken into consideration while entering the cave.

İnağzı Cave

It is a cave situated in the city of Zonguldak province at the sea coast at the 15th km of Kilimli road.

Properties: The entry to the cave with a total length of 800m is made from the fossil inlet facing the sea. After a hole one man can hardly pass at the 50th meter it continues sporadically with fossils and rich formations and sporadically with an underground creek. There exists a siphon at the 400th meter, and it can be distinguished by walking in the period when water is drawn. From here, it ends with the siphon after 400 meters.

Cumayanı Cave

Zonguldak, Çatalağzı District
It is situated in Cumayani quarter at 3 km. distance from Çatalagzi district of Zonguldak province.

Properties: It forms the outlet of Kizilelma -Cumayani underground water system. It is opened to outside with many inlets. The hall is reached through a active gallery of 100 meters from the lower inlet or by walking for 75 meters from the upper fossil dry inlet. The hall begins with a travertine offering an extraordinary beauty and functioning as a bridge on the underground creek. The base of the hall, which has a height of 60 meters and a length of 70 meters, is covered with a thick sea layer and ends with a siphon. Upon going in the direction of water entrance to the left of the travertine, the siphon is reached in the direction of Kizilelma Cave. A boat is necessary in this gallery.

As flood occurs in the rainy periods or at the times of a sudden rain, there is mortal danger.