Caves of Trabzon

Çalköy Cave

Trabzon, Düzköy District
The cave is located at the Çalköy Borough of Düzköy.

The entrance part of the cave is at average human height. After the first 150 meters, stalactite and stalagmites are encountered. The cave is thought to be extremely long and the exact length is unknown. There is a river flowing through the river. The cave has partially wide locations and partially narrow locations. There is a castle established at the upper side of the cave dominating the area.

Akarsu Village Cave

Trabzon, Maçka District
The cave is located inside the borders of Akarsu Village of Maçka.

Properties: It is a big cave. The cave had been formerly used for shelter and accommodation. It is said that there are 72 rooms inside the cave. There are numerous stalactite and water pools inside the cave. A detailed exploration had not been carried on yet.