Caves of Konya

Balatini Cave

Konya, Beyşehir District

The cave is located with in the borders of Çamlik Village and Derebucak district in Beysehir - Konya you can arrive at the cave by stabilized way, branched from 45 km of Konya - Beysehir - Üzümlü - Manavgat. The cave is situated 5 km far from Çamlik ve6 km from Derebucak. It is also 3 km northwest of Körükini and Suluin caves.

Properties: The total length of the cave is 1830 meters and has two entrances displaying the properties of sinkhole and fountain. The entrance which is closer to the road draws the water of little uvula and run down 2km south, from a cracked valley border, slope of Uzunsu river side.

Balatini Cave is developed from two different levels, are an top of the other. The fossil branch surface of upper level is completely covered with cave clay and ended with the statue Room filled with the little statues made by the visitors. The lower level is the main gallery which contains the water. You can go through the gallery by foot when the level of water decreases. The three small pool, can be, passed by transition technique or by boat. The Statue Room and the natural rock sculptures are worth to be seen.

Körükini Cave

Konya, Beyşehir District

Properties: The total length of cave is 1250m. and Uzunsu River is flows from the interior of the Körükini Cave. After leaving the cave, Uzunsu River flows through the Degirmen Valley and reaches to Degirmenini Cave. The cave is completely active so passing the river with boat, especially at the parts where there are waterfalls between the rock blocks is hard and needs experience. Summer and autumn is more suitable seasons to enter the cave. In spring, entering the cave might be dangerous because of the waterfalls and siphons.

Büyük Düden Cave

Location: Konya, Derebucak District

The cave is in Derebucak district of Konya Province. It is at the 18th km in the direction of Ibradi from Derebucak after Konya-Beysehir-Derebucak road, and it is situated at the west side of Kembos Plain.

Properties: Kembos Plain with a width of 1km and a length of 15km drains the snow water melting in the spring and especially the water accumulated here via Uzunsu Creek by means of Feyzullah sinkhole, another chasm. Water drained from these sinkholes is joined to Manavgat Creek by passing through Altinbesik Düdensuyu Cave. Although the cave does not have a touristic importance, it is important regarding the speleological aspect. There exists numerous lakes, big halls and siphons in this sinkhole which has a length of 714 meters.

Tınaztepe Cave System

Konya, Seydişehir District

The Tınaztepe Cave System is at the Keçili Village locality which is at 35 km. southwest of Seydişehir. The cave is at 5km west of Mortaş Aluminum bed. The Seydişehir-Manavgat highway passes close to the cave.

This cave system has developed inside the creates limestone and is formed by three layers one on other. The upper layer having 100 meters length is completely fossilized. The intermediate layer has 1015 meters of total length and is semi active. Water flows Inside this layer at precipitant seasons and it ends with a siphon. The lower layer is a branch developed on a big fault and is active displaying sinkhole cave characteristics. In precipitant seasons, the surface waters of a wide area flows here. These waters flow inside the Susuz Güvercinlik Cave which is at southeast and come out from the springs near Suğla Lake. The explored length of this active cave until now is 527 meters. But the total length of this cave had not been completely determined. The deep but narrow lakes and siphons inside this cave makes the explorations difficult.