Mediterranean Plant Societies

Mediterranean plant societies had been spread till to the Aegean, Marmara, Central Black Sea and west parts of Southeastern Anatolia with exceeding Mediterranean geographical region territories. Scrub, which is accepted as the most important plant society of the Mediterranean plant societies, is also defined as "dwarfish forest" in connection with botanic. Scrub plant societies, whose physiological structure (thick and like tanned leather) and leaves has a water economy for enduring to summer time draught start from the sea level and goes until 300 or 400 meters high, even to the more higher areas under appropriate conditions. Shrub composing scrub union and bush unique beautiful and strong odors are present. Menengiç, sakız, kocayemiş, sandal, mersin, pırnal meşesi, akçakesme, lâden, funda, defne, delice, katırtırnağı are most faced members of the scrub union. At the lower parts of shrubs adaçayı, kekik, ballıbaba, düğünçiçekleri, çançiçekleri, siklamen, glayöl, salep, Manisa lalesi, çiğdem, menekşe, karanfil like grassy plants are growing.

Another member of Mediterranean plant societies is "sığla" tree. This tree, whose other name is günlük, is present as small forest groups at coastal parts where ground water is high of Muğla city's Fethiye, Köyceğiz, Marmaris ve Datça provinces. Red pine tree is also a Mediterranean unique plant type as much as scrub. Generally it starts after scrub and reach to 800 - 1000 meters high from sea level, or even under appropriate climate conditions till to 1200 meters high. Red pine, which also lives places where its shadow is on the sea from time to time at Mediterranean and Aegean coasts, is the most sensitive tree against fire.

Black pine trees, which are at the upper territories of red pine forests, and which can rise 30 - 35 meters on their body, are growing in the areas, starting from 900 - 1000 meters height and until 1800 - 1900 meters height. Cedar and fir societies can also be faced after red pines at some parts of the region. This tree type, also known as Lebanon cedar, is present with Katranardıcı at north west of Antalya. At east parts of Antalya, only cypress forest (700 hectares) at Mediterranean basin of the Köprülü Canyon National park is present. In Eastern Mediterranean region, at Amanos mountains locally present beech forest is the final point which spread to south of this tree. Bonito oak in central Aegean region, pistachio pine near to Bergama and hoop oak, an endemic specie near to Eğirdir - Kovada and cedar mixed forests are valuable places for visiting.