Yalova Thermal Resort

Location: 11km south of Yalova, in the Marmara region.

Transportation: Yalova is easy to access by boat or bus.

Water temperature: 55°-60° C

pH value: 6.88 -7.48

Physical and chemical properties: Hyperthermal, hypertonic, sulphur, sodium, calcium.

Recommended: Applications Drinking and bathing

Helps to heal: Rheumatic conditions, aching muscles and patients after stomach operations; chronic gynaecological infections or cramps, blood clots in the legs, gout, diabetes, metabolic problems such as obesity, high blood-cholesterol, cleansing of lipids and fats and removal of excess accumulations of uric acid.

Accommodation: Turban Thermal Hotel (Yalova) - 200 beds. Gokcedere Hotel (Gokcedere Village) - 86 beds.