Kangal Balıklı (Yılanlı) Çermik Thermal Resort

Location: 17 km northeast of Kangal, 100km southeast of Sivas in Central Anatolia.

Transport: There are regular buses from the centre of Sivas.

Water temperature: 36°C

pH value: 7.3

Physical and chemical properties: Isothermal, hypertonic, oligometallic water containing bicarbonate, calcium, magnesium.

Recommended Applications: Drinking – 3-4 cups in morning on empty stomach. Bathing - 6-8 hours a day, with breaks. Drinking alcohol during treatment is prohibited. Applying medication to wounds during treatment may be hazardous. Treatment should continue for at least 21 days.

Helps to heal: The 2-8 cm fish in the waters aid in the healing of skin ailments like shallow wounds, pustule, eczema and psoriasis. The 15-30 cm snakes help to heal erysipelas (St. Anthony's Fire).

Accommodation: There are two hotels at the spring.