Kozaklı Thermal Resort

Location: In the town of Kozakli, 24km north of the Kayseri-Ankara highway, around 90km north-east of Nevsehir and north-west of Kayseri.

Transport: There is good transport to either Kayseri or Nevsehir, and Kozakli can be reached by public or private vehicle.

Water temperature: 27°C - 93°C

pH value: 6.7 - 7

Physical and chemical properties: Chlorine, sulphur, bicarbonate, sodium, calcium and radioactive.

Recommended Applications: Drinking and bathing

Helps to heal: Rheumatism, mental and muscular fatigue, skin conditions, gynaecological problems, respiratory conditions, joint pain and calcium deposits and eating disorders.

Accommodation: Motel with 102 rooms and 309 beds.