Sultaniye Thermal Resort

Location: Foot of Mt. Olemez, western shore of Lake Koycegiz, west of Koycegiz in Mugla province and 4km from Dalyan. region.

Water temperature: Buyuk Hamam Spring - 39°C. Kubbeli Hamam Spring - 41.9°C. Sultaniye Drinking Spring - 32°C.

pH value: Buyuk Hamam Spring - 6.68. Kubbeli Hamam Spring – 6.65. Sultaniye Drinking Spring – 6.74

Physical and chemical properties: Each spring contains one of all of the following properties - Chlorine, sodium, hydrogen sulphide, bromide, radioactive, hyperthermal, hypertonic.

Recommended: Applications Drinking and bathing.

Helps to heal: Rheumatic, respiratory and epidermal ailments, poor circulation and heart disease, nervous conditions, gynaecological, kidney and urinary tract conditions, poor metabolism.

Accommodation: Kaunos Hotel - 82 beds. Ozay Hotel - 38 beds.