Harlek (Ilıcaköy) Thermal Resort

Location: The resort is 27km from the centre of Kutahya, in Western Anatolia, and 190km south-east of Bursa.

Transportation: Kutahya is well connected by bus, and 90km south-west from the airport at Eskisehir.

Water temperature: 25.2°C - 43°C

pH value: Kadilar Spring - 6.84. Haslas Spring - 6.78. Harlek Spring - 6.87. Kadinlar Hamami Spring - 6.64

Physical and chemical properties: The group of spring has one or all of the following properties: thermal, hypertonic, oligometallic, sulphur, calcium, magnesium.

Recommended: Applications Drinking and bathing.

Helps to heal: Rheumatic ailments, liver and gall bladder problems and skin conditions, poor metabolism.

Accommodation: Harlek Hotel -186 beds

Muratdağı Thermal Resort

Location: On the northern slopes of Muratdagi (1700m), around 15km south of Gediz and 100km southwest of Kutahya.

Transportation: Kutahya is well connected by road and air. Gediz is on the main highway between Kutahya and Usak.

Water temperature: 40°C - 42°C

pH value: 7.2

Physical and chemical properties: Sulphur, calcium, magnesium, bromide and radioactive properties.

Recommended: Applications Drinking and bathing

Helps to heal: Rheumatism, mental and muscular fatigue, skin conditions, gynaecological problems, joint pain, calcium deposits and eating disorders.

Accommodation: Youth Camp – 150 beds. Otherwise, small hotels in Gediz.