Şifne Thermal Resort

Location: 6km east of Cesme, and 80km west of Izmir.

Transport: Cesme is easily accessible by bus, and the nearest airport is at Izmir.

Water temperature: Ilica Spring - 42° C. Buyuk Icme Spring - 19° C. Kucuk Icme Spring - 25°C

pH value: Ilica Spring - 6.76; Buyuk Icme Spring - 6.52; Kucuk Icme Spring - 6.56

Physical and chemical properties: The various springs contain one or all of the following properties: Hyperthermal, hypertonic, chlorine, sodium, magnesium

Recommended: Applications Bathing, drinking and mud treatments

Helps to heal: Bathing and mud treatments - rheumatic ailments, gynaecological problems and poor metabolism, problems with liver, gall bladder and pancreas. >

Accommodation: Turban Ilica Hotel -120 Beds.

Balçova Thermal Resort (Agememnon)

Location: 10km west of Izmir and west of Balcova, near the historical site of Agememnon.

Transport: 25 km from Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport, and 10km from centre of Izmir. The closest beach is 18 km.

Water temperature: Spring and well water vary between 45°C -140°C.

pH value: 6.4

Physical and chemical properties: Chlorine, bicarbonate, sodium, calcium, carbon dioxide and fluoride. Hyperthermal (62 °C) and Hypertonic (30.68 milimol/l.).

Helps to heal: Rheumatic ailments, digestive tract, eye ailments, poor metabolism, liver and gall bladder problems and heart and circulatory conditions, and nervous disorders.

Accommodation: Balcova Agamemnon Thermal Facilities (3-star) - 435 beds. Thermal Princess Hotel (5-star) - 630 beds.

Çeşme Thermal Resort

Location: In Cesme, 70km west of Izmir.

Transportation: Well connected by bus, and nearest airport at Izmir.

Water temperature: 55°C

pH value: 6.58

Physical and chemical properties: Hyperthermal, hypertonic, chlorine, sodium, magnesium

Recommended: Applications Bathing and soaking

Helps to heal: Effective in treating rheumatic ailments, gynaecological disorders and poor metabolism.

Accommodation: Turban Cesme Hotel - 420 beds. Altinyunus Holiday Village - 1030 beds.