Kestanbol Thermal Resort

Location: 15km south of Ezine, which is around 50km south-west of Canakkale. Transport: The resort is off the Ezine – Ayvacik highway. Ezine and Canakkale are easily accessible by bus.

Water temperature: Ana Spring - 67°C. Ikinci Spring - 47°C. Camur Spring - 68°C. Hamam Spring - 31°C. Goz Suyu Spring - 21°C

pH value: Ana Spring - 5.92
Ikinci Spring - 6.16
Camur Spring - 5.86
Hamam Spring - 6.92
Goz Suyu Spring - 6.94

Physical and chemical properties: The collection of springs contains some or all of the following properties: Hyperthermal, hypertonic, radioactive, chlorine, sodium, iron, calcium.

Recommended Applications: Bathing, mud treatments, inhalation and showers.

Helps to heal: Chronic gynaecological infections, rheumatism, pinched sciatic nerve, calcium deposits, some types of bone tuberculosis, swollen lymph nodes in small children, upper respiratory asthmatic syndrome. Showers can act as an antibiotic for upper respiratory problems and other lung disorders.

Accommodation: Lodging facility - 100 beds.