Kızılcahamam Tourist Thermal Spring

Location: Kizilcahamam, 80km north of Ankara.

Water temperature: Buyuk Thermal Spring - 47°C; Kucuk Thermal Spring - 44°C; Kizilcahamam - 19.5°C; Acisu - 34°C; Sey Hamami - 43°C; Acisu Spring - 37°C.

pH value: Buyuk Thermal Spring - 7.06; Kucuk Thermal Spring - 7.45; Kizilcahamam - 6.62; Acisu Thermal Spring - 6.20; Sey Hamami and Acisu Spring - 6.52.

Physical and chemical properties: The various springs contain some or all of the following: hyperthermal, hypertonic, isothermal, bicarbonate, sodium, chlorine, arsenic, carbon dioxide, calcium, carbon dioxide.

Recommended applications: Drinking and bathing

Helps to heal: Drinking - liver, gall bladder, stomach and intestines, internal and external secretions, and poor metabolism. Bathing - heart, vascular system and rheumatism.

Accommodation: Belediye Thermal Hotel - 130 beds. Cam Hotel 81 Beds.

Sey Hamamı Tourist Thermal Resort

Location: 2km from Guvem, which is 15km north of Kizilcahamam and around 80km north of Ankara.

Transport: Guvem is on the highway between Ankara and Cerkes.

Water temperature: 43°C

pH value: 6.5

Physical and chemical properties: Bicarbonate, sodium, calcium, carbon dioxide and fluoride.

Recommended applications: Drinking and bathing

Helps to heal: Rheumatism, joint pain and calcium build-up, stomach and intestinal conditions, poor circulation, nervous disorders, liver and gall bladder conditions and eating disorders.

Accommodation: 14 rooms and 28 beds in the facility.