Kayseri - Erciyes

Erciyes Dagi (3916 m.), the highest peak in Central Anatolia, rises 25km south of Kayseri. The peak of the mountain, an extinct volcano, is covered with snow throughout the year, and there is a 1km-long glacier in the northern region of the mountain. The ski resort is at the Tekir Plateau, on the northern slopes of the mountain and in addition to skiing, Erciyes is one of the most important mountains of the country for mountaineering.

Arrival: Erciyes is 40 minutes by road from Kayseri airport, and 30 minutes from the city centre. Most hotels organise transport to the ski area for their visitors.

Geography: The skiing areas on the eastern and northern slopes of the Erciyes Mountain are between the altitudes of 2200 -3100m. The best season for skiing is between late November and late April, with an average depth of approximately 2m of very powdery snow. The region has a terrestrial climate and the dominant wind direction is southerly and westerly.

Facilities: There are four government guest-houses and a private hotel, plus restaurants, bars, swimming pool, large café and medical facilities. Ski instructors and equipment rental are available. There is one chair-lift and two T-bars.

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