IspartaDavraz Mountain – Karlıyayla
Tourism Center of Winter Sports

Davraz Mountain with its 2635 m height is one of the mountain masses surrounding Isparta Prairie that is in the region of lakes in Mediterranean Region and rises between Eğirdir and Kovada lakes. Davraz Mountain-Karlıyayla Winter Sports Tourism Center is in 26 km southestearn part of the center of city Isparta. It was  announced as a tourism center on 17.02.1995. It is 8 km far away from Cobanisa village which is the closest settlement. The skiing center is on the northern side of Davraz Mountain in Kulovası plateau. The most important stream in the field of skiing center is Ardıcdibi stream. Dominant vegetation consists of mountain pine, juniper, cedar and welwitschia. Davraz Skiing Center has a special advantage by being close to Antalya and having a location suitable for development. Davraz’s geographical conditions provides opportunity for other natural sports besides skiing.


Davraz Mountain-Karlıyayla Winter Sports Tourism Center appeals to every skiers from each level with its suitable geographical condition and is one of the most popular sports centers in Türkiye that develops very rapidly in recent years. With its wonderful roads and accessibility, it began drawing attention in not only Türkiye but also Europe, Russia, Ukraine, and middle east countries. Transport that is never hindered in winter, is supplied through asphalt-paved road. It is far from;
Isparta city center       : 26 km
Isparta airport            : 50 km
Eğrdir city center        : 23 km
Antalya airport           : 25 km
Antalya city center      :140 km

Mechanical Facilities

In the skiing center, there are 2 chairlifts which are with 1000 people capacity per hour and 1211 m long and wih 800 people capacity per hour and 936 m long, there is 1 teleski (T-bar) which is with 800 people capacity per hour and 624 m long, and there are 2 babylifts 300 m long. First chairlift with 1211 m long is with a chair for two people and starts in 1674 m and ends in 1961m. Second chairlift with 936 m long is with a chair for two people and starts in 1961 m and ends in 2150 m. With 624 m long T-Bar which is the third mechanical facility in the skiing center, people can climb up by skiing from 1961m to 2150 m. Mechanical facilities are kept by the Union of Operation and Substurcture Services of Davraz Mountain-Karlıyayla Winter Sports Tourism Center.


People can ski in the wonderful panorama of Eğirdir Lake in the skiing center. In Davraz Skiing Center, there are nonhazardous routes with the softness of natural configuration and wonderful quality of snow for the beginner skiers; and for the professionel skiers there are 8 to 10 km long unique tracks in which they can ski as they wish. Altitude of the skiing racetracks changes from 1650 to 2150 m that can be reached by current mechanical facilities. Moreover, the fact that there is no possibility of avalanche or getting lost is a great advantage for the skiers Davraz’s racetracks provide the opportunities of cross-country, down hill, touring ski and snowboard to all the skiers whether professional or amateur.

Blue tracks show the tracks for the beginner skiers.

Red tracks show the tracks for medium-level skiers.

Black tracks show the tracks for professional skiers.

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Accomodation and Other Services

In the Skiing center, there are 3 mountain cafes, and 3 hotels one of which is four-star and with 280 bed capacity, the other is of Suleyman Demirel University with 84 bed capacity, and the other one is an auberge with 55 bed capacity. There also is an auberge with 24 bed capacity known as Davraz Mountain Houses in Cobanisa Village which is 8km far from the

Skiing Center and the entrance of Davraz. From the hotels in Eğirdir and Isparta can be benefitted from, too. In Sirene Davras Hotel, there is a semi-olympic indoor swimming pool, fitness center, sports center, conference hall, gambling hall, disco, billiard hall and tennis court. Moreover, there are 4 football fields 2 of which belong to Sirene Davras Hotel and 2 of which belong to the Provincial Directorate. In the skiing center, skiing trainers, health services and skiing storage room supply service to ski-lovers during the whole season.

You can watch the ones coming by chairlifts, skiing people and Eğirdir Lake downside whose color always changes through the day while sitting in the mountain cafe’s terrace which is in 1950 m. You can watch a snowboarder coming down the slope by drawing S like a speedboat skiing on a white sea.

 Isperia Davraz Hotel : Auberge, 55 bed capacity

SDU Application Hotel : 84 bed capacity

Cobanisa Davras Houses : 1 auberge, 24 bed capacity

Cafe : There are 3 cafes in the mountain.

Isparta Governorship                           : +90 246 223 80 80
Isparta Directorate of Museum          : +90 246 218 34 37
Yalvac Directorate of Museum           : +90 246 441 50 59
Uluborlu Directorate of Museum        : +90 246 531 24 99
Eğirdir Tourism Consultancy Office    : +90 246 311 43 88
Sirene Davras Hotel                             : +90 246 267 20 20
Isperia Davraz Hotel                            : +90 246 267 20 20
SDU Davraz Application Hotel            : +90 246 267 20 44
Cobanisa Davras Mountain Houses    : +90 246 264 20 22


Skiing Season


Skiing season starts in December and goes on till the end April. Snow depth changes from 50 to 250cm.

Properties of the Skiing Center

Length of the Season            : December-April

Snow Depth                         : 0,50- 2,50 m

Skiing Field                          : 440 ha

Altitude of Skiing Field         : 2000 m in average

Peak                                    : 2635 m (Ulparçukuru Top)

Altitude of Skiing Racetracks :  1650-1982 m
1982-2086 m
1950-2024 m
                                                1950-2086 m
1950-2150 m

Length of Skiing Tracks: 8-10km in average

Types of Skiing: Cross-country, Down hill, Touring ski and Snowboard

Alternative Tourism/Sport Opportunities

In Davraz Mountain, in summer, some camping and tourism activities in some sports branches such as football, mountaineering, mountain bike, trekking, paragliding, jeep safari are provided. Davraz is preferred as a camping center by professional and amateur football clubs of Türkiye. Davraz is getting prepared to host for other European football teams in the near future with its appropriate climatic and geographical conditions.

In Isparta there are appropriate fields for paragliding as Single and Tandem flights. For this aim, the number of air sportsmen coming to different parts of Isparta from neighboring citites is increasing day by day. Paragliding is made in 1800m eastern tracks in Davraz Mountain Winter Sports Tourism Center. There are opportunities of transport to flight track fields and Single and Tandem flights are made. Fields of departure and arrival for Tandem flights: from Davraz mountain Skiing House to Kul Prairie.

Climbing Routes

There are three routes preferred to climb up Davraz:

Western Route

Western route starts from Sav Village on Isparta-Antalya road. Through the village by walking or by car, spring is reached. There is no spring higher above the spring which is among the saplings of calabrian pines. In summer months, the route that can be climbed

for one day can be completed without using technical equipment. in winter months, mattock and crampon may be needed.

Northern Route

One should go up to Kıryayla from Davraz Skiing Center, and from Table Top dominating to Kıryayla to Oğlaktaşı. From Olaktaşı to Ulparçukuru Top one can reach. For the cornishes occurring in winter months make it easy for an avalanche to fall, it is a dangerous route.

Eastern Route

When one climbs up to the east from the skiing center in north, s/he reaches to Great Geven field. From Great Geven field, one can reach to Small Davraz first and Great Davraz second. This route is not preferred for being too long despite being safe in winter months.

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