The Kartalkaya Skiing Resort is in the Western Black Sea Region, southeast of Bolu, in the Koroglu mountains. The mountain has appropriate conditions for Alpine and cross-country skiing.

Arrival: The distance from Bolu city centre is 54km, and 28m to the Ankara highway. It takes around 45 minutes by road from the city centre and in addition to public buses and minibuses, most of the hotels organise this service for visitors.

Geography: The ski area is at an altitude of 1850-2200m, and the region has semi-temperate climate. Kartalkaya and surroundings are covered with forests, and has a dominant wind direction of west/north-west. The best season for skiing is from late December and late March, with an average 3m snowfall. The snow at the beginning of the season is powdery, getting increasingly slushy towards the end.

Facilities: There are two hotels with a total bed capacity of 1005, plus restaurants, swimming pools, discos and bars. Ski equipment and instruction is available. There are two chair-lifts, six T-bars and three baby lifts, with 12 ski runs around 20km long.

* Yesil (green) Lift (Chairlift - 700 m)
* Camcukuru Lift (Chairlift - 650 m)
* Inekcayiri 1-2 (Ski-Lift - 900 m)
* Resuldede 1-2 (Ski-Lift - 600 m)
* Kazankaya (Ski-Lift - 650 m)
* Koroglu Lift (Ski-Lift - 1200 m)
* 2 Baby-Lift

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