Bitlis is in the far east of the country, in Eastern Anatolia around 20km south-west of Lake Van, and the skiing area is inside the city.

Arrival: The city is 1100km from Ankara, 1504km from Istanbul, 1465km from Izmir and around 200km south of Erzurum. The nearest airports are at Mus (85km) and Van (160km). Bitlis can be reached from anywhere in the country by bus.

Geography: The resort has temperate terrestrial climate and the season runs between December and April. The area of Bitlis gets snow continuously in the winter, which had a depth of 1-2m. The areas for skiing are Dideban (1821m) and Sapgor mountains east of the city, and Altinkalbur at the west.

Facilities: In addition to the ski lodge inside the resort, there is much more accommodation and other services in the city. The resort at Altinkalbur has a T-bar facility 726m long, and the standard of ski runs is between moderate and difficult.