Green Lentil Soup

Sample Dishes from Turkish Cuisine

Green Lentil Soup (
Yeşil Mercimek Çorbası)

Green Lentils2/3 cups115 gr.
Water6 cups1200 gr.
Onion1 medium75 gr.
Margarine or butter4 yemek kaşığı40 gr.
Flour2 table spoons12 gr.
Rice¼ tea cup25 gr.
Salt2 desert spoons12 gr.
Egg1 50 gr.
Milk1 cup200 gr.
Bread (stale)2 thin slices40 gr.
Paprika½ desert spoons1 gr.


Wash the lentils. Soak the night before in 1 cup of water. Peel, wash and finely chop the onion. Place in sauce pan with margarine, cover and cook for 2 - 3 minutes until tender, stirring from time to time, add the flour and stir fry until slightly browned. Wash the rice, add to the onion - flour mix together with the lentils and the remaining water, stir until it starts to boil. Cook for 30-40 minutes. Pass trough a sieve or blend, add the salt and replace on heat. In a separate bowl beat the egg with milk, warm it by adding a few spoon full of hot soup. Add the egg - milk mixture to the soup gradually while stirring constantly and turn off the heat when it comes to boil. In the mean time, cut up the bread into 1 cm cubes and put on a tray and bake in the oven. Serve the soup with red pepper and bread croutons.

Servings: 4

Nutritional Value
(in approximately one serving)

Energy187 cal.
Protein8.1 g.
Fat7.3 g.
Carbohydrate22.9 g.
Calcium66 mg.
Fe1.65 mg.
Phosphorus134 mg.
Zinc1 mg.
Sodium856 mg.
Vitamin A257 iu.
Thiamine0.09 mg.
Riboflavin0.11 mg.
Niacin0.59 mg.
Vitamine C1 mg.
Cholesterol45 mg.


This is a soup made in all regions. At some places it is served without the croutons.