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Rice with Tomatoes

Sample Dishes from Turkish Cuisine

Rice with Tomatoes (Domatesli Pirinç Pilavı)

Rice2 cups360 grams
Tomatoes3 small size300 grams
Butter or margarine½ cup100 grams
Salt2 teaspoons12 grams
Water (hot)3 cups600 grams


Wash the rice and drain. Wash the tomatoes and grate into saucepan, add butter or margarine, salt and water and bring to boil. Add the rice and stir. Cook for 15-20 minutes on first moderate and then low heat until all liqud is reduced, cover with a dishcloth and let stand for about 20 minutes.

Servings: 6

Nutritional Value
(in approximately one serving)

Energy348 cal
Protein4.7 g
Fat13.9 g
Carbohydrates50.5 g
Calcium25 mg
Iron0.76 mg
Phosphorus73 mg
Zinc1 mg
Sodium924 mg
Vitamin A945 mg
Thiamine0.06 mg
Riboflavin0.04 mg
Niacin0.03 mg
Vitamin C6 mg
Cholesterol (when butter is used)27 mg


It is a dish which is frequently made in all regions of Turkey, served as the second course with meat or vegetable-meat stews. It can also be prepared with chicken broth or beef stock.