Pumpkin Dessert

Sample Dishes from Turkish Cuisine

Pumpkin Dessert (Kabak Tatlısı)

Pumpkin1/4 medium size1700 gr
Sugar2 3/4 cup500 gr
Walnuts (chopped)1 cup100 gr


Cut pumpkin into quarters. Remove seeds and stringy interior. Pare and cut into 5-6x2 1/2 cm (2-2 1/2 inch) slices 1-1 1/2 cm (0.5-3/4 inch) thick. Place in a covered shallow pan. Sprinkle with sugar. Let stand for 4-5 hours until pumpkin is juicy. Cover and simmer for 1 hour or until tender. Remove from heat; cool. Arrange on a serving plate. Sprinkle with crushed walnuts. Serve at room temparature.

Servings: 6

Nutritional Value
(in approximately one serving)

Energy328 cal
Protein2,7 g
Fat3,4 g
Carbohydrates54,9 g
Calcium46 mg
Iron1,76 mg
Phosphorus105 mg
Zinc0 mg
Sodium2 mg
Vitamin A3122 iu
Thiamine0,10 mg
Riboflavin0,19 mg
Niacin1,22 mg
Vitamin C9 mg
Cholesterol0 mg