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ORTAOYUNU (Middle play)

The kind of Karagöz, which had been put on stage, had started to develop since 15th century and had gained its dramatic character in the first half of the 19th century. It has this name since the spectators are surrounding it when it is being performed.

The main characters of the “middle play” of the City Public Theatre are Kavuklu and Pişekar. The Middle Play mainly focuses on the speech duet of these two characters. Kavuklu seems to be ignorant and confused and Kurnaz is a merry man from society. Pişekar is an educated and efficient old man who is able to see which is good or bad.

The other characters of Karagöz show, other than Kavuklu and Pişekar are able to be seen in middle play (such as Acem, Karadenizli, Arnavut, Tuzsuz Deli Bekir, Zenneler etc.).

The folding screen, which is named as “New World”, represents the house and the round table represents the shop. The two chairs complete the décor.