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Puppet Theater

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The puppets, meaning doll, such as korçak, kudurcuk, kaburcuk, koğurcak, lubet etc. are one of the oldest shows still living in Anatolia. The puppet named “Korkolçak” “Çadır Hayal”(stringed puppet) is also the same in Eastern Asia and is thought to be brought from Eastern Asia.

The show is seen in its original simple technique and which is known as puppet show in the cities of Turkey since the 17th century is generally known as “bebek, çömce gelin, karaçör” between the villages of Anatolia. The puppet show whose subject is made up of examples of daily lives and literary stories is a show of action and volume. It is known that it’s been played since the 14th century. The main characters of the play are İbiş and the old man. İbiş is sly and quick-witted. The old man is a wealthy person.

The art of puppets known as stringed, hand, wagon, and chair type puppets in our country had begun to lose its importance at the end of 19th century. A limited number of artists had been trained in the Period of Republic. Today, İhsan Dizdar, Selim Başeğmez, M. Tahir İkiler, Haluk Yüce and Duygu Tansı are still trying to continue this art.