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Local Meteorology


Meteorology:  It is a science dealing with all events in atmosphere and changes related with these events. Events in atmosphere may be listed as pressure, temperature, precipitation, evaporation, cloud and cloudiness, sunny and windy conditions.

In communities without sufficient technical equipment and technology, rate of ability to forecast atmospheric phenomena by means of   local experience, observation and forecasts based on centuries has reached a level which can be said higher. In communities that depend upon natural events in their living, cultural inheritance, experience and accumulation of knowledge related with weather forecasts take an important place within the cultural integrity. Such kind of communities, in methods of weather forecasts mostly acquired from their ancestors, have been mistaken very little. Nature where struggle for living has been done could be cruel and destructive. Therefore in communities with traditional structure, elimination of inadequacy, weakness against nature has been possible through forecasting traps prepared by nature for human beings. Particularly in communities dealing with fishery, considering rate of accuracy in weather forecasting, importance of atmospheric phenomena in their life will be understood better. To forecast weather condition at least before setting out for fishing or immigration is the main support for proceeding their life.

In traditional communities it has been observed that such practices as sanctification, ritual,  ceremony, etc. have been performed for the purpose of dominating natural phenomena.

Such kind of Communities have cited natural phenomena which had been effective in their life by the type of effect inflicted thereon. The best example of this is shown in some of names of wind : e.g. “Çanak gurudan” ( Wind drying a pot), “Macuk gıran”, “Moza gıran”, etc.

Sun, Moon and other stars which can be seen and  observed at different regions in different time segments have been the symbol of preciseness and periodic cycle  in their long-term observations. This is why the sky has become the center of all events constituting the basis for all known forecasts. In various regions people have given different names for celestial bodies, and sought the most effective mysteries in them. The star called “Ülker” is the best example of this. In some regions it is believed that plants and animals will suffer damage by effect of the star called “Ülker” particularly in Summer. Various protective measures have been taken in order to be protected from ill-effect of this star.

In the field of Local Meteorology (folk) another incident which institute an example for knowledge and experience of people is however days of “Eyyam-ı bahur”.  “Eyyam-ı bahur” is the name given for the hottest days of the year  accepted by people as the first week of the month of August. Our people believe that depending on certain beliefs  various  operations  must be performed on these hottest days on which sun light is very effective. The beliefs and operations have been concentrated specifically on plants.