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Seasonal Festivals

The times of seasonal festival celebrations may differ in accordance with the prevailiong conditions in nature, the climate and the environment. For example, the rise in the numbers of rams is celebrated at the beginning of autumn in regions where winter is short and spring comes early, and celebrated in the end of autumn in regions where spring comes late. On the other hand, festivals such as hidirellez and Nevruz are celebrated at the same time in all regions. Some festival dates are connected to domestic production conditions, and the dates of some others are decided by calendar tradition. These seasonal festivals are:

Spring Festivals

- Spring festivals; Nevruz, crocus, betnem (red egg), hidirellez.

- Summer, solstice

- Half of Winter, New Year

Special Seasonal Festivals

- Chain of Shepherd Festivals; multiplication of the ram or sheep, seedling

- Festivals of corp grower, fruit grower and grape grower

- Migration festivals