Tarsus is a famous province of İçel city, which is in Mediterranean region, with its history, culture, art, commerce and natural beauties. As being a history and science center, serving to different religions for years, it was the interest center of the world.St. Paul, first disciple of Jesus Christ, Daniyal Prophet, Bilal - ı Habeşi, muezzin of Hz. Muhammed, Harun Reşid's son Caliph Ma'mun and famous philosopher of Antic Era, Aristo, descendant of doctors, Lokman Hekim, Egypt Queen, Cleopatra and Roman Commander, Antonius had lived in Tarsus.


Pre historical development of Tarsus is reaching to Neolithic Period. Neolithic Period is followed by Kalkeolitic, Early Bronze Age settlements. It is reigned by Hittite, Asur, Persia, Macedonia, Roman, Byzantium, Seljukian and Ottoman States.


In Tarsus, at the junction point of land and maritime ways connecting Çukurova to Central Anatolia in Mediterranean Region typical Mediterranean climate is dominant.