Antalya's province, Serik is including an important Pamfilya city, Aspendos. Aspendos Theater, which had reached today without corruption, and has perfect acoustic, is hosting important artistic activities today.


Serik city, is founded in two places, one at Belkıs Village (Aspendos) and other at "Sillion" (Koçhisar Hill), near to today's Yanköy, of Bergama Kingdom on IInd century A. D. In 1817, due to being settlement regions very distant, it was named as "Seyrek" initially, and it is named as "Serik" in 1950.



Typical Mediterranean climate is reign in Serik, which is surrounded by Antalya at west, Manavgat at east, Bucak and Sütlüce Provinces at north, and Mediterranean sea at south. Summers are hot and dry and winters are warm.