Where to Visit


Cevat Paşa Mosque

It is constructed in 1915. It has tick walls and its type is a mosque with courtyard. At the middle of the mosque there is a small dome. Its minaret is made up of Midyat rock, and has cylindrical shape. It has two minaret balconies, and decorated with vegetable and geometrical shapes.

Ulu Mosque

Three sides of the niche, constructed in 1800 are decorated with vegetable adornments. Its minaret has single minaret balcony.

H. Abdurrahman Mosque

Its construction date is in 1915 (H.1331) Mosque has one minaret. There is only one balcony on its minaret.


Deyr-Ül Umur Monastery

Deyr-Ül Umur Monastery, also known as Mar Gabriel, is established on a hill with laying its foundations on 379, near Midyat. There are temples, known as Meryamana, Resüller, Kırk Şehit, Mar Şumuel, Mar Şemun, accommodation and worship places of priests, tomb and graveyard within Monastery. Mar Gabriel is also used for Bishop center by Süryani Church.

Mar Gabrıel Monastery (Deyrul Umur)

This monastery, which is also the center for metropolis of Turabidin region, is approximately 22 km. away from Midyat, at 2 km. north of Yayvan hill bay, on a low hill, and established by Mar Samuel in 397. In this monastery, which is one of the oldest and activating Christian monastery, Meryem Ana Church, Kırk Şehitler Church, Kartminli Smuel Church, Thedora dome with eight arches and Mısırlılar dome is present.


Mort Smuni Church

It is an ancient church, built in tenth century. It is also used as Metropolis center. The exchange of Bairam greetings is performed within this church.

Mor Barsavmo Church

Its foundation is laid in the 4th century. It is re - constructed over this foundation.

Mor Aksanoya Church

It is the oldest church within province center. It is constructed on idolaters' temple during the 4th century. This church, which is restored with benefiting from the old ruins in 1961, is at the south east outside the province.


Mor Sarbel Church

This church, which is at the center of the province, is one of the most impressive churches.

Protestant Church

It is constructed at the beginning of 1900s.

Meryem Ana (Virgin Mary) Church

This ancient church, which has no bastion, belongs to Catholic community.

Mor Abraham Church

It is established by two monks from Mar Gabriel on Vth century. Central graveyard of Midyat Christians is here. There is a Meryem Ana dome in this monastery.

Meryem Ana Church (Within Anıtlı Village)

This village, which is in the Anıtlı village, has a rare architectural characteristic, which can't be seen today.

Hah Cathedral (Mar Sobo Church)

Ruins of this cathedral devoted to Mar Sobo during the 6th century are important historical pieces of arts.

Hah Ruins

There is no written source related with ruins between Anıtlı and Karagöl, and they have the signs of a big civilization.