Where to Visit

One of the leading attractivenesses of Kemer is, its natural beauty. Sea, forest and mountains are joining at one point. For example, reaching sea waves till pine trees and usage of pine trees as shady spots at beaches is very attractive. Clearance of the sea, green of forest is another beauty in Kemer.

Presence of Faselis, Olympos like antic regions near to it is another attractiveness. It is possible to reach Faselis and Olympos from Kemer by maritime lines and road. Recently organized safari tours to Sögüt Cuması, Altinyaka Dere Village like high places can also be mentioned among regional attractiveness.

Caverns are also other attractiveness within the region. One of these caverns, Beldibi cavern is 27 km in south west of Antalya, and at shore. Ruins of prehistoric ages are found. Another valuble to see cavern is Molla Deliği cavern, and present on eastern slope of Mount Tahtalı, which rises at west of Kemer. You can only reach to this cavern by foot from Aşağı Kuzeydere or Tekirova villages on Kemer - Kumluca highway. You should walk 3.5 - 4 hours from both villages.

Ancıent Cıtıes


It is at 58th km of Antalya - Finike road. It is also possible to reach Phaselis city by maritime lines, which is 15 km away from Kemer.

It is thought that one of the eastern coastal cities of Lycia, Phaselis is one of the commercial cities of Hellenistic Age of 6th century B. C. It becomes a bishop center during Romans. Thick walls of eastern port of Phasellis, composed of three ports, are still in good condition. Western port, whose front and western parts are remained under sands is appropriate for having a swim.

Most parts of the ruins, which are on ground in Phaselis are remained from Roman period. These ruins are; port, castle walls, Zeus Temple, King Antonius Caravella road, also twenty lined theater ruins. Peninsula's throat part composing street is marvelous. It begins from south port and reaches to city gates.

It is thought that it is also used as a stadium from time to time due to width and shortness of this street. Because history writes that two important athletism competitions are performed within Phaselis.

There are two temples near to Agora. One of them is constructed for the sake of "Athena Polias", which is a highly important goddess for Phaselis. Other one is for the sake of "Heista" and "Hermes". There were bronze made spear of Homer's mythological hero, Acchileus within Athena among these temples.

Building ruins, a church as well as houses of bishops among these ruins can be faced at sides of the street. Aqueducts, which are covering the water needs of the city, are constructed with Roman style and still in very good condition.

There is also a museum, in which some ancient pieces of art excavated in Phaselis. Also here is drawing attention as an ideal promenade and beach place, composed of a shallow bay, fine sands and a forest, and mountain, sea besides historical beauties.


It is between Kemer and Adrasan. After passing Phaselis, a plate on Antalya - Kumluca road, shows Olympos road. Çıralı is an ancient coastal village beside Olympos. The city, which is found on 2nd century B. C. is emptied in 6th century. Famous Bellerophontres - Chimera war is made here. An hour of walking on a tight and uneven slope coming from a river bed after Çıralı will bring you to Chimera's unique natural ambient. Chimera is known by the natives as "Yanartaş" due to continuously burning natural gas, which is coming from mountain.