Where to Visit


Arsuz, one of the most important touristic places in the region with its sea and sand, is a valuable to see place. Besides; Sütunlu Harbor, Frank Harbor, Castle Ruins (Outpost Castle), Şalen Castle, Sarıseki Castle, Bakras Castle, in which there is a church and important for controlling road to Arabia, Yunus Column, ruin of the entrance gate of İskenderun city, which is believed that Yunus Prophet is found from the stomach of Dolphin fish and Mancınık Church are also places that should bevisited.

Ancient 20 meters high giant Plane tree, estimated as 2000 years - old in Hıdır Bey village, El Mina Antic City and Harbor, Erzin, Issos Ruins (Issus), in where there are a Genevian harbor and castle ruins, temple, water tanks as well as aqueduct ruins, and where Macedonian King, Alexander the Great had conquered Persia Emperor IIIrd Darius Codoman in the plains surrounding Issos, which is a Cyllician city at the north - west of Erzin are the places that should be seen.


Payas (Yakacık), which is a sweet coastal city at feet of Mount Nur, is known as Baias during antic period. Sokullu Mehmet Paşa Külliyesi, whose construction is completed by Mimar Sinan in 1574, had gained to Payas an important wharf and resort center identification. Payas Castle, which is at the west part of külliye and from which foreign ships had met their water needs, is surrounded by trenches, and has 7 bastions and 8 towers. Payas, due to being near to sea and evaluation of castle remained from the Crusaders, in 16th century, during IInd Sultan Selim period, with construction of wharf, customs, shipyard, tower and külliye to the coast, is determined as a range place in connection with Derbent (small castle at the territory)organization, and used for long periods.

Cin Tower, thought to be left from Genevians or the Crusaders, and constructed on the highest hill between külliye and sea coast, is a military tower.


It is an important coastal city founded by Selefkiler in 310 B. C.. Çevlik (Seleucia Pieria), initial settlement is commenced on Paleolithic era, was the harbor city and Antakya was the capital city of the state. St. Paul, one of the disciples of the Jesus Christ, had performed his first voyage to Tarsus from this harbor. Dor temple is also in here. Selefkos is used as naval force base during Roman period. Harbor is established at the entrance of Asi river, and as it is under the continuous danger of being filled out by alluvions, for preventing from this danger in Ist century A. D. Roman Emperor, Vespasianus had constructed 1330 meter long Titus - Vespasianus tunnel. There is a 12 rocky tomb, engraved to limestones, constructed within Roman period near tunnel. Cavern, in which there is a tomb named as Beşikli Cavern is the most wide and most famous one.

St. Simon Monastery

It is in the center of Terk - i Dünya (World Forsake) Dervish Order on Vth century A. D. on the highest peak of Samandağ. It is rumored that after taking the fundamental religious education in a monastery, Simon had closed himself in a cell outside the city, and after living in there, he had climbed to a mountain near to the city and chained himself to a rock there and he had begun to live within a circle that he had drawn around himself. Natives had believe that the column he had perched on begun to rise, and it is said that height of the column is reached to 13 meters finally. Simon Monastery is being visited from every part of Christianity World.

High Plateaus

Nergislik Plateau is the important plateau of the province.