What to Eat

Traditional Foça kitchen includes all of the meals, made at Western Anatolian coasts and Aegean islands with its general characteristics. In addition to this, some of Foça unique tastes cooked with fish kinds, sea foods, olive, olive oil, artichoke and wild herbs are at the following: Grilled Sardine, Fish with Yogurt, Stuffed Calamary, Stuffed Fish, Fish Soap, Fish Paça, Artichoke with Lamb Meat, Stuffed Artichoke with Olive Oil can be listed between meals of the region.

Great salads, appetizers and pastry fillings are prepared from herbs like arapsaçı, rezene, tarakotu ( iğnelik ), turpotu, radika, ısırgan otu, ebegümeci, wild herbs which grew up in Foça and environment.