Where to Visit

Arykanda (Arif)

It is a ruin place in Arif Village, which is in the middle of the Elmalı-Finike highway. There is no information supported by the sources of archaeological and written records about the time of first settlement. It is known as an ancient settlement place since the name ‘Arykanda’ is a native name in respect of philology.

On one of the most upper terraces of Arykanda, there is a stadium of which running track takes the shape of a trapeze after a certain part. The seats of the stadium are on one side. By stairs near to the middle of the stadium, it is connected to the lower terrace having a small but well-preserved theatre. In the lower terrace, there is Odeon accessed by stairs from the theatre. The portico in front of the Odeon surrounds the Agora in the shape of cornered U. Necropolis covers much more area than the official and private buildings do.

Besides the grave rooms covered with vaults, there are also tombs in the necropolis. In the bottom terrace of the grave, the buildings are serving as terraces to each other, there is a big bath of which two floors survived up to the present day.

One of the most interesting ruins of the city is the water arches on the surface of the rocks at the sources of Aykırı Brook.

Limyra (Turunçova, Zengerler)

It is known that the city, of which name is Zemu (ri) in Lycian language, has been existed since the 5th century B.C. Having been used as Capital by Pericles who wanted to establish the Lycia Federation, the city gained importance in the first period of the 6th century. Well preserved tombs, theatre and heroon are the important works of art which survived to the present day.