Where to Visit


Erdek Open Air Museum

It was founded in 1948. The remains from Hellenistic and Roman Period, excavated in Kyzikos Ancient City, are exhibited in this museum such as; the statue of Aphrodite, columns and column heads of the Hadrianus Temple, an obelisk, tombs, inscriptions, grave steles, relieves, tablets and mosaic pieces.

Kyzikos (Belkıs) Ancient City

It was an important art centre during the Roman period. Located at the meeting point of the Kapıdağ Peninsula and the Anatolian Coast, it is a partly standing ancient city founded by the Milets. It is one of the oldest Ion cities. The ruins of the city spread on an area of 11 sq. km. The vaulted base and the architectural parts of Hadrianus Temple that are scattered among these ruins give hints about the splendour of the city in the Roman Period.

Sports Actıvıtıes

Boat trips and Bicycle tours are available along the coast of the Kapıdağ Peninsula. The forest of Kapıdağ offers opportunities for nature trekking and land hunting.