How to Get

By Road

İzmir is 77 km away and is the regions transportation hub. There are two roads to Çeşme. One is a narrow asphalted (77 km); the other one is a modern superhighway (80 km). No matter what mode of transportation is used to get to Izmir, the tourist will find it easy to get the necessary transportation to Çeşme and Ildırı even on the busiest days of the tourist season. The Çeşme city center is the last stop on the bus and minibus routes. There are city buses and minibuses that provide transportation to Çiftlik, Dalyan, Alaçatı, Reisdere, Ovacık and the other beaches.

Bus Station Tel:
(+90-232) 712 64 99

By Sea

There are ferryboats between Çeşme and Sakız Island. There are also the Turkish and Greek boats providing passenger service for those tourists who want to land in Çeşme coming from Sakız Island. The journey takes about an hour. For those tourists who want to depart from Türkiye, there are passenger services to the Italian ports of Bari and Brindisi. Ferryboats traveling between İzmir-Çeşme-Kuşadası-Greece and Italy stop over in the Çeşme port.

Harbour Tel: (+90-232) 712 60 05