Where to Visit

Ayvalık Houses

Ayvalık houses, valuable to be seen with doors, facades, door knockers, windows, woodwork and masonry workmanship, invite people to a historical voyage.

Devil's Table (Şeytan Sofrası)

It is above the Çamlık Forest Camping. Hill an old lava heap looks like and round table. Hills landscape valuable to be seen especially at sun downs. There is a large foot trace which told Devil's in the iron cage.
Cunda Island

It is placed towards to Ayvalık. Arrival occupied by boats. The island is surrounded by pine trees and olive groves. There are lots of monasteries and churches in the island. The biggest church of island is Taksiyarhis.

Sarımsaklı Beaches

The beaches are 5 km away from the district center. It has a long coast and clean sea.