Sporting Activities


The river, which offers the best rafting in the area is the Dim Brook which empties into the sea, 6 km east of Alanya. The 'Alraft' rafting facilities found on the river 20 km to the northeast of Alanya offer rafting excursions.

Mountain Sports

Recently there has been quite an interest in trekking and amateur mountain climbing. This interest is mostly due to the mountains of Akdağ (2451 m.) and Cebelireis (1649 m.) as they are very suitable places for these sports. Mt. Akdağ has been declared as a Winter Sports Tourism Center by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

The Alanya Triathlon

This international sports event, which is held every year in October, began in 1991. Broadcasting to the world via Eurosport TV, this non-stop event consists of three separate races: swimming, cycling and running.


Because of the area's climate, terrain and vegetation, it has wonderful potential as a hunting area. Because of the rapid decline in the deer population they are now protected and hunting is prohibited but mountains goat hunting is allowed on a restricted basis.

It is possible to catch almost any kind of fish in Alanya. The main ones are gilt-headed bream, annular bream, swordfish, red gurnard, chub mackerel, shark, rock grouper, red sea bream, whiting, tuna, red mullet and gar.Fish that are encountered in fresh water lakes and streams include striped mullet, bass, carp and eels. In addition, trout are raised in the Dim Brook region.


There are many places to camp and to park motorhomes in and around Alanya.