Foreign Exchange

Foreign Exchange

- There is no limit to the amount of foreign and Turkish currency to be brought into Türkiye.

- More than US$5000 worth of Turkish currency can not be taken out of the country.

- Up to US$5000 worth of foreign currency can be taken out of the country.

- US$5000 in cash may be taken out of the country by foreigners living abroad, or Turkish citizens working abroad, and those settled in Türkiye, if they document that they have purchased currency from authorised banks.

- Larger amount of foreign or Turkish currency must be transferred abroad through banks.

- All personal belongings and articles made of precious stones or metals (with no commercial purposes) worth under $15,000 may be brought into and taken out of the country. Jewellery worth more than that may only be taken out of the country providing it has been registered on entry or purchased in Türkiye with legally exchanged currency.

- Cash brought into the country to be purchased for exportation and brought out of Türkiye must be declared on entry.

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