Duty-Free Goods

Duty-Free Goods

Clothing and Items for Journey
- Items of clothing specifically for the traveller,
- Personal belongings and items for a journey,
- Cloth suitable for making clothes for the traveller (maximum 5 meters).
- Item of clothing made of fur, belonging to the traveller is allowed to be transported and is included among the personal belongings.

Electronic Equipment

- One black-and-white television,
- One colour TV (up to 55cm screen)
- One pocket colour TV up to 16cm screen,
- One black-and-white television-radio-tape (combination),
- One video recording camera and 5 video tape casettes (blank),
- Camera with eight mm (with ten blank films),
- One slide machine,
- Pocket PC ( Up to 128MB Ram ),
- Compact disc player.
- One portable radio and radio-tape (the properties of the radio-tape will be determined by the undersecretary.)
- One walkman or small tape-recorder,
- Game Boys without cassettes and cartridge,
- Record, cassette or compact disc maximum of 5 for each,
- GSM-Pocket phone (With SIM cards),
Musical Instruments
- Harmonica,
- Mandolin,
- Shepherd's Pipe,
- Brass band,
- Flute,
- Guitar,
- Accordion,
(One piece of each, at a maximum total of 3 pieces)
Sports Equipment

- Two partitioned camping tent,
- One diving suit for underwater diving sports (The quality and efficiency of the suit to be determined by the undersecretary.),
- Glider (a pair),
- One boat,
- One surfboard with sailing equipment for water sports,
- Flipper (one pair),
- Other personal belongings one apiece (except for sea motorcycle and sledge),
- Chess set,
- Checker set,
- Five packs of playing cards,
Medical Items
- Beds belonging to the ill passenger,
- Motorised and non-motorised wheelchair,
- Drugs for personal treatment,
- Gas mask and similar protective clothing (maximum 2 pieces).
Kitchen Appliances
- Plate, saucepan, fork, spoon, knife to be used during the journey,
- One barbecue grill,
- One samovar,
- Two thermos,
- Coffee machine with storage battery,
Wines and Tobacco
- Whether domestic or foreign;

The following are allowed to be imported:

a) 200 cigarettes (1 Box) and 50 cigars.

200 gm tobacco and
200 cigarette paper or
200 gm pipe tobacco or
200 gm chewing tobacco or
200 gm tobacco for nargileh or
50 gm snuff,

b) In addition to the above allowances, it is also possible to purchase 200 cigarettes, 100 cigars and 500 gm pipe tobacco in the Turkish Duty Free Shops when entering the country.

- 1.5 kg coffee, 1.5 kg instant coffee, 500 gm tea, 1 kg. chocolate, 1 kg. confectionery,
- 1 (100 cl) or 2 ( 75cl or 70 cl) bottles of wine and/or spirits,
- Cologne, lavender water, perfume, essence, lotion (120 ml maximum of each).
Other Items
- One portable typewriter,
- One camera (plus maximum 5 films),
- One pram for child passenger,
- One bicycle for child passenger
- Toys for child passengers (maximum 10 ),
- Pocket calculator with battery,
- One iron (With or without steam diffusion),
- 1 x 1.5 metre seccade (prayer rug) made from wool, cotton or synthetic fabric),
- One pair binoculars (except night binoculars),
- One table clock,
- One gas stove,

- The following are allowed in a vehicle while driving, on condition that they will only be used by the owner or driver:

a) A set of screwdriver (maximum 5 with different sizes),
b) Socket Wrench Set (maximum 10 on the condition that it is suitable for vehicle use),
c) Auto pump,
d) Accumulator Charge Apparatus,
e) Auto broom with accumulator,
f) Icebox with accumulator,
g) Inner tube and tyre except for spare tyre,

- Other items to be inspected by the Ministry of Finance and Customs:

- 1 cat or dog or bird or aquarium fish, on the condition that they are with their owners. They must have a medical report from the veterinary surgeon, document of origin and vaccination documentation.

There are regulations about the amount of foreign currency permitted to be brought into the country. In general, there is no limit for a certain amount of foreign or local currency to be imported or exported and anything over the permitted amount should be declared on entry.

In addition to foreign currency, certain personal belongings must be declared on entry, such as jewellery, TV, camera, video recording camera, video player, cellular phones, electronic equipment, camping and sports equipment. Valuable items must be registered to the customs office on entry. It is suggested not to bring excessive amounts of currency or jewellery to prevent any potential problems.