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Knobs and Needles


Knobs and Needles

During all periods, the material used for making needles has been first bone and then bronze. A bone needle is found in gross amounts in Anatolia. Needles made of metals such as bronze, copper, silver and gold are also met.

The needles are made with techniques such as moulding, hammering and pounding, bending from wire. In Troy excavations, a needle mould has been found. The inside of the body is empty; there are needles at the ends made by moulding. In addition, needles made by gold coating bronze have also been found in Kültepe, I B floor. The heads of the needles made with this technique may be conic, pyramidal, double spiral, hook, ring, knot, bird headed, plant, etc. The heads of some needles are inserted into the body. Sometimes, the head part may be ornamented with valuable stones or beads. There is a hole in the parts of the needles that are close to the head part.

The needles are tied with a chain or a cord from this hole in order to prevent their falling. The needles are found in residence locations, but starting from the first samples, they are obtained in graves. The needles found in the graves are generally found near a head and chest of a skeleton. Of course these are hair or cloth needles. Generally, it is assumed that the large ones are for clothes and the small ones are for hair. Furthermore, the needles have been used as amulets and have been left in the temples as vows.